Dozer Service

The following dozers are available for rent for Davidson Construction & Ready Mix, Inc.  Our dozers are rented with an Operator for the equipment and are subject to mobilization charges for under a 12-hour rental period.


  • CAT 300 HP D8K

  • CAT 285 HP D8H

  • Komatsu 185 HP (LGP)

  • CAT 105 HP D4H (LGP)

  • Komatsu 60 HP D31 (LGP)

  • Komatsu 165 HP D61 (LGP)

  • CAT D5H 125 HP (LGP)

  • Dressor TD-9 90 HP

  • D-8N CAT Dozer 300 HP

Please contact us at 218.449.4865 for pricing and additional information or send us an e-mail at